Our round single point solution stands out with its elegant but subtle design. It can be installed by itself or by forming patterns on the whole wall, which offers no limits to the design.

Smallest opuc family member with 6 mm (1/4″) diameter for lightweight items and accessories. The socket is simply inserted into the panel without screws for a fast and simple install.

opuc 20 has a 20 mm (3/4″) diameter and can carry up to 30 kg (66lbs), which makes it suitable for heavy items such as luggage or other heavy hardware. The magnet technology guarantees both safety and ease of use when adjusting the wall design. The cover plate has a stainless‐steel appearance but can also be matched to the wall finish.

opuc 20 bright can be installed just as easily as its non‐powered version. It runs on 24v with no visible wiring. Shelves can be inserted into the socket to illuminate the product perfectly. Electrified single points can be combined with powered ones to have the freedom to interchange its brackets/shelves on the whole wall.

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