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Switch from printed price tags or price tags with battery to maintenance free esl solution for a digital and sustainable future. The all in one solution for a smart product presentation without compromise.

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Choose the easy way

  • Price and content change at the push of the button
  • Installation, compatible with all of our electrified shelf systems
  • Easy construction
  • Quick updates for special events or inventory price changes
  • Multichannel marketing full color touch screen and interactive content
  • Multiple languages, and changing to your language and currency with ease
  • Centralized operation, especially across all your stores, regional and global
  • Real-time traceability for locating service personnel and objects
  • API Integration, automated updates and data synchronization
  • Customer Feedback and Analytics
  • Maintanance free and energy efficient
  • No batteries needed
  • Energy-saving LED lighting
  • esl electrification and shelf lighting from one system
  • Cloud solution in Germany

Shelves to create your very own design

The multifaceted product portfolio by roomly, which consists out of vertical and horizontal rail fixtures, frame systems, single point display systems and a full range of accessories. The collection of solutions have something in common: the shelving systems are modular, flexible and individual.
Vertical slim rail.

Electrified for perfect illumination and digital shelf labeling.

Horizontal rail system.

Electrified for perfect illumination and digital shelf labeling.

Round single point solution.

Electrified for perfect illumination and digital shelf labeling.

Flexible Shelving System – on four legs.

Electrified for perfect illumination and digital shelf labeling.

Flexible Shelving System – on two legs.

Electrified for perfect illumination and digital shelf labeling.

Adaptable solutions for all spaces

  • Fashion, Shoes & Accessoires
  • Airport & Duty Free
  • Pharmacy, drug store & Health
  • Electronic
  • DIY
  • Wine & Beverage
  • Tourist shop
  • Hotel
  • Restaurant
  • Lobby & Bar
  • Internal Shop

esl – two versions of digital price tags

Technologybased on paperTouchscreen
Size5 sizes 1,5“ hang tag, 1,5“, 2,7“, 4,2“, 7,5“1 size, 3,5“ / 480x320 px
Colorthree colorsRGB color space
SpecialsFashionTag for tracking (RTLS)multilingual / different currencies / Slideshows / Video
Data storageCloud, Server in GermanyCloud solution
Electrification3 Volt24 Volt

Shopper engagement with multichannel

  • Multichannel marketing full color touch screen and interacitive content
  • Multiple languages, ease by choosing language and currency


  • Price Changes
  • Realtime Inventory
  • Load Balancing
  • Serverless Technology
  • Continuous Synchronization
  • Guaranteed Uptime


Let our roomly expert, Eugen, support with your project.

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For all bookworms, here the summary:

Change your store to be more efficient and sustainable with the electrified shelving system from roomly, and the powered electronic shelf labels (ESL) in cooperation with DIGETY and VIVID TECH. No manual processes any longer, no paper price tags; and no mistakes – thanks to our automated price labeling.

Say goodbye to printed labels and welcome the future of digital shelf labeling. Change pricing instantly with one click for better price control or to adapt quickly to sales and to match competitors pricing. All done from one central location into your stores locally or worldwide. No matter if used for retail stores to supermarkets or drug stores – ESL’s are suited for any industry.

The simple handling of these digital price tags is like child’s play while offering a sustainable option without batteries thanks to the power supply from the clever shelf system. This will save store management’s time, increase efficiency, and lower labor cost in general.

Touch displays are also available with color in addition to different languages and currencies for a flawless interaction with customer. But this is not all, the system also allows customer to request staff to support with questions and to track products in real time. It can also serve as an effective tool to keep customer loyalty by showing product reviews or nutritional values of products, in addition to stock level or other useful data for the employees to make life easier. Shelving systems – energy efficient and maintenance free – what else does someone want?

roomly is the difference maker when it comes to shelving systems! Our product portfolio includes smart systems for vertical and horizontal rail applications, impressive frame systems, powered single points on top of matching accessories. We are there for you!

We love to create new shelving systems since it is part of our passion to design the whole room in an orderly fashion. Our drive comes from the perfect mixture of functionality and esthetic, which we have successfully practiced for the past three decades.